María Azahara Veroz-González

M.ª Azahara Veroz-González holds her PhD in Language and Cultures (2014), specialising in Translation, at the University of Córdoba (Spain). She is currently a lecturer in the Department of Sciences of Language at the University of Córdoba, where she teaches French as a foreign language. She is also a lecturer on the Online Master’s Degree in English Studies (OMIES) at the University of Jaén, where she teaches Translation and ICTs.

Her research interests focus on new technologies on translation, specialized translation, and foreign language teaching. Her work has appeared in prestigious journals (Meta, Panace@, Delta, etc.), and she has been involved in numerous projects, including the UCOTerm: a website funded by the University of Cordoba (Spain) dedicated to resources for scientific and technical translation, which she coordinates. She is a member of the research group Oriens HUM-940, and co-editor of the journal Hikma: Translation Studies.