TRADILEX Receives Honorable Mention in the “Luis Rodriguez” Award

Dr. Pilar Rodríguez Arancón and researcher Antonio Jesús Tinedo Rodríguez have been awarded an honorable mention for the best research work in the field of interculturality. This recognition is granted in light of their research titled “The Integration of Didactic Audiovisual Translation and Interculturality in the Design of Pedagogical Proposals: A Mixed Analysis on Teacher Training,” which has been distinguished with the XI “Luis Rodríguez” Award for research on interculturality.

This prestigious award has been granted by the Cátedra Intercultural “Luis Rodríguez”, Córdoba “Ciudad de Encuentro”, an entity affiliated with the University of Córdoba and renowned for its contribution to the promotion of diversity and intercultural understanding.

The research highlights the importance of training language teachers in the field of interculturality and empirically demonstrates how joint training in the design of pedagogical proposals based on Didactic Audiovisual Translation and Interculturality is positively valued by language teachers. Furthermore, the proposals they are able to develop after the training adhere to certain quality standards.

The receipt of this honorable mention is part of the context of the I+D+i research project TRADILEX. It is important to emphasize that this research has been carried out within the research group Tradit at the National Distance Education University (UNED), under the coordination of the academic Noa Talaván.

The work will soon be published as a book chapter by UCOPress (University of Córdoba), and the award will be presented at the 5th International Conference on Intercultural and Gender Education (CIEIG 2023).

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