María Carmen Gómez Pérez

María Carmen Gómez Pérez is a PhD assistant professor in the Department of Romance, French, Italian and Translation Studies of the Complutense University of Madrid. She holds a degree in German Language Studies from the University of Salamanca and a postgraduate degree in Audiovisual Translation and Localisation from ISTRAD-University of Cádiz. She holds a PhD from the University of Salamanca and has specialised in the field of translation teaching with particular emphasis on the identification and therapy of errors in the learning process, both in general translation and audiovisual translation. She is a member of the research group (UCM) Aplicaciones de las Tecnologías a la Traducción y su Docencia, of the teaching innovation group ARENA (UNED): Accesibilidad, tRaducción audiovisual y aprEndizaje de lenguAs (UNED) and is currently part of the R+D+i research project TRADILEX.