Mariona Sabaté Carrové

Mariona Sabaté Carrové, PhD in English Philology and PTU from the Department of English and Linguistics at the UdL. Teacher since 1994 in the Degree of English Studies, Double Degree of Letters and Translation, and Online Master of Applied Languages.  I participate in the project of the UNC, Argentina, of Scientific Research and Technological Development – SECyT (2018-2021) with the work “Knowledge of the processing / understanding and the production / translation of relative clauses in monolingual speakers and translation students”. From my recent publications, “E-tandem Cooperative Learning as a Means to improve the Students’ subtitling skills”, co-authored with Ester Baiget-Bonany in “Learning and Means of Teaching” of Mariona Visa, 2019. I developed a Project of Teaching Innovation (2011-2012), translation of English-Catalan subtitles to improve English learning, the results of which appear in “Improving translation skills by using new technologies: an experiment involving e-tandem online subtitling” and in the book Learning and Advanced teaching methods (978-1-312-18539-5, Mc Graw Hill.

ORCID 0000-0001-6894-8824
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