Carla Botella Tejera



Carla Botella Tejera is a certified Translator/Interpreter and she holds a Ph.D. in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Alicante (2010). Her dissertation was on the translation of audiovisual intertextuality. She also holds an MA in New Technologies Applied to Education (2010) and a Diploma on Multilingual Advertising Transcreation (2020). She joined CIEE Alicante (Council on International Education Exchange) in 2005, and she was the academic director for both the Language in Context and Language and Culture programs until September 2016, when she became a full-time Lecturer at the Translation and Interpreting Department of the University of Alicante. Previously, she had taught at the Education Faculty of the same university as well as in other Spanish and European universities. In the last few years, Carla has published several articles on audiovisual and creative translation, didactics, humour and intertextuality. She has been the academic director of the ESUA Diploma on Subtitling of the University of Alicante, and currently she is codirector of the Cinema and Audiovisual Club at the same university.